Jew As I Say, Not As I Jew

 Yeah… I will not be doing what jew Burns tells me to do this year, next year or any year nor should you.


I most certainly do not owe jew anything.

Evidently these parasites are taught to rub their greedy little hands at a very young age in preparation for a long life of screwing over the Goyim.

Oy Gevalt!


I don’t believe in cohencidences.

As the saying goes, Goyim, when dealing with Mossad and the AshkeNazi there is no such thing as a cohencidence. Don’t be naive and become their next victim.

Oh! And never forget…

There is Noah business like there is Shoah business and business is good thanks to gullible Goy.

So… don’t be a gullible Goy nor do what jews tell you to do and you won’t become jew’s next victim. Comprende?

oven ready 2

So, until next Shabbot…

Merry Yuletide, Folks 🙂

Enjoy your family, nature and for goodness sake, enjoy yourself for a change.

feed me jews




Poop-eye the Sailor Man


As a little boy, I loved the Popeye the Sailor Man cartoon and movie. Little did I nor my father realize that the cartoon and movie was a big stinkin’ joke on us. With a pure and innocent mind Popeye the Sailor Man seems like a good man who eats his spinach to be strong and beats up the devious bully Bruto. However, sadly this is not the case.

Elzie Crisler Segar, a jew and bi-sexual in my estimation, was an American cartoonist, best known as the creator of Popeye. In Segar’s day, homosexuality and bi-sexuality was frowned upon by the general public, so these jew screen and cartoon writers had to be very clever and sneaky when presenting their work to the public.

I will do my best to prove to you, my readers that EC Segar played a sick gay joke on us straight White Folks.


So, Poop-eye, you say “I Yam What I Yam.” Are you a bi-sexual? Sailors do have that reputation you know.

Let’s see…

When I observe Poop-eye I notice his right eye is closed. Is this a gay signal meaning that he’s a “bottom boi” who wants his “brown eye” penetrated? Well, if you examine other images of the cartoon character, I suppose it could mean just that.


In this image I see Poop-eye with his right eye closed, popping out of a brown sailor boat wheel or a “brown eye” which is gay speak for the anus. Furthermore, if you look at his tattoos, he wears both the feminine and masculine gender symbols disguised as an anchor.

Image result for masculine symbols

I’ll spare you and not show you the gay “brown eye” anus, however I do wonder what the toast “here’s mud in your eye” really means? Notice: The mud is in his right eye.

Image result for here's to mud in your eye

Now wait a minute! Poop-eye is in love with Olive Oyl and has an adopted orphan baby named Swee’ Pea. Right? Well, the way I see it, Olive Oyl looks like a pre-pubescent boy and a Swee’ Pea is a pederasts dream. I do not think this is a ‘cohen’cidence.

Image result for olive oyl and sweet pea

Olive Oyl has no breasts. Hmmmm, I wonder why?

Let’s ‘anal’yse (heehee, pun intended) some of the other characters. All of these years you thought Poop-eye and the big bad Bluto, also called Brutus the Terrible were fighting over a flat chested and pre-pubescent looking Olive Oyl? Hahaha! EC Segar was very clever. I see two bi-sexual or maybe even homosexual pederast sailors fighting over that “Swee’ Pea and sometimes over a pre-pubescent looking boy.

Image result for popeye and brutus

Leave my Swee’ Pea alone and make my spine-ache you big brute!

Image result for popeye eating spinach before fighting brutus

Is Poop-eye opening up a can of ‘spinach’ whoop ass or is he about to be penetrated and get a ‘spine-ache’ from Brutus the sodomite? Poop-eye’s “bottom’s up”, but somehow his feet are also up. I give credit when credit is due… You’re a clever one, Elzie Segar, you sick jew bastard.

Spinach or Spine-ache?

Image result for swee'pea

How lucky you are Poop-eye, inheriting an orphan.

But wait! It gets even better, Folks! Olive Oyl also has a brother. Do you remember his name? It’s Castor Oyl. That’s right, Castor Oyl. Does anyone know what a “bottom boi” uses to clean his intestinal system before he decides to engage in sodomy? Probably not, but I’ll reluctantly tell you…

Image result for castor oyl

You can’t make this stuff up, Folks. Caster Oil. And to finish this article off, I can not leave out Poop-eye’s father…

Image result for poop deck pappy images

That’s right Folks! His name is Poop Dick Pappy!

Convinced yet? And I’ve only scratched the surface! I could go on, however I think I’ve made my point, so why bother?

I’d like to thank Alex, The Celtic Rebel for helping me to see that I have been deceived for most of my life. He did some great radio shows on the now defunct Oracle Broadcasting a few years ago and he really did an excellent job uncovering this sick world for me, which we are born into. By the way, Poop-eye is not the only cartoon, movie or television show that has sodomy, rape and pederasty cleverly hidden written in it. There is The Wizard of Oz, Happy Days with Fonzie the jew and many, many others. So…


Image result for the gay fonz ayyy

No, Fonzie, you sit on it you sick, gay jew!

oven ready 2

My Roast is done and I’m ready to eat, but my evil anti-semitic oven is still hungry.

feed me jews

So, until next Shabbat, I’ll see you all at the next Saturday Evening Roast!

OY VEY, Goys!


Vote With A Bullet

“Make America Great” and White again?

.Is this how Trump plans to  “Make America Great”? By surrounding himself with jews?
And who cares if he does build that beaner wall, there are already millions of beaners in America! In my estimation, Trump wants to build the beaner wall to keep us and them in the country, trapped in a police state as Goyim slaves. How perfect, considering there is a race war being instigated by jews.

If Trump would deport all illegals and jews already here and then build a wall maybe I could support him. Unfortunately this will never happen.


When oh when will there be a candidate who represents my views and my White kin and folk? All of the candidates are shite!

Bernie Sanders

Bernie is openly a communist jew.


Trump or Hillary… Hillary or Trump?

They both will destroy America. It might take Trump a little longer to destroy the country due to his civic nationalist, not racial nationalist views rather than all out communism like Hillary and Bernie.

Vote like Corrosion of Conformity!

vote with a bullet (Large)

It is our DUTY to dismantle a tyrannical and unlawful Kehillah and jew run corporate government which rules over us today!

The Declaration of Independence gives WE THE PEOPLE that Right

The IRS is Theirs Not Ours

Why do we allow The IRS to shake us down and pick our pockets for our hard earned $hekle$ and continue to tax us, while we give up our sovereignty and rely on government to do the jobs they’re supposed to do but won’t do?


bad roads

Stop paying taxes to the jews’ IRS and government!

‘The IRS’ is ‘Theirs’ not ours.

Theirs = jews

The 2015 Nigger Of The Year Award Shoah

nigger award show prize (Large)


Ladies and Gentlemen


William de Hewitt


The 1st annual…


Every year I will select one nigger from a pool of 4 nigger nominees who acted the most nigger like and present them with this most prestigious nigger award!

The nigger nominees are…


zuma (Large)

South African President

Jacob Zuma

 AKA  Jackass Zooma: Nominated for making South Africa such a GREAT place for White people to live and for stealing MILLION$ of White South African folks hard earned Rand$!


nigger award show nominee malema (Large)

South African EFF Parliament Member

Julius Sello Malema

AKA  Jew-lies to us Sellout Mal enema: Nominated for agitating and encouraging millions of nigger “youths” to kill as many White people as possible and also for taking it up his nigger ass from jews!


mugabe (Large)

Zimbabwe President

Robert Mugabe

AKA  Robber Muh-garbage: Nominated for chasing down and murdering every last White person in Zimbabwe and then later begging for Whites to come back to Zimbabwe after realizing niggers can’t grow food for themselves. All so he can murder every last bleeding heart White liberal who foolishly goes back there to feed every empty nigger stomach.


oy vey obama (Large)

President of The United States of America

Barack Hussein Obama

AKA  Barry Insane Oy Vey mamma: Nominated for having a successful year leaving the border wide open, for sticking it to the White American man, for having a nigger transvestite he-wife with a penis and for finally admitting he has a jewish soul after all of these years!

It was a very difficult decision, folks!

All 4 nigger nominees all acted very nigger like this year!

The William de Hewitt 2015 NIGGER OF THE YEAR AWARD goes to… 

Robber Muh-garbage

For chasing down and murdering every last White person in Zimbabwe and then later begging for Whites to come back to Zimbabwe after realizing niggers can’t grow food for themselves. All so he can murder every last bleeding heart White liberal who foolishly goes back there to feed every empty nigger stomach.

mugarbageWhite mans garbage


Robber Muh-garbage


William de Hewitt’s 2015 NIGGER OF THE YEAR AWARD!

Now tell all of your little African nigglets, niggers and niggettes to stop rummaging through my  (sorry) muh garbage I put out on the curb to be collected every Monday morning!


Jews Say… Race Mix, White Folk! Don’t Be A Racist Goy!

european gene pool (Large)


Jews are a mixed racial mish-mash abomination made up of four pure races. (Aryan, Mongoloid, Dravidian and Niggroid) They prey upon and destroy pure races like a virus or parasite.

The more mixed blood one has the purer the jew!

oy vey racist

The goal of the jew is to destroy ALL pure races and turn us ALL into Spiritless, mud slaves with no racial connection. They do it by whitewashing White folks natural instincts and by normalizing race mixing in society. Culural Marxism is one of their most effective tools.

Why do jews want White people to race mix?

The Whiter looking mixed race ashkenazi jews desire to replace us authentic, racially pure White Aryan people who create and share so much of our greatness with the world. Their goal is to steal our identity, create and share nothing and enslave everyone as their goyim as they become the new counterfeit Aryans and rule supreme over the darker mud masses!

race mixing river (Large)

Jews love to accuse Whites of being White supremacists when in fact it always has been and it always will be jews who are the supremacists. Jews always shift their crimes and hatred onto their racially pure enemies!


race mixing what's wrong my dear (Large)

White people used to know race mixing destroyed their ancestral bloodlines and lineage… Today it is glorified and a liberal badge of honor!

destroy this mad brute full (Large)

Keeping it White is NOT racist!

cameron if you're a white bitch

race mixing inter racial

race mixing jew mud

Race mixing begets degenerate faggot mud jews!


Jews don’t have a jew fro for nothing, folks!

jew fro

There are sephardic jews

jew hasidic

There are semitic arab/muslim jews

jew muslim

temanim oriental jews

jew asian

And White looking ashkenazi jews!

jew askenazi

Jews come in all shapes, SHADES and sizes…

50 shades of ov vey




race mixing

So, don’t be a cuck and create an abominable “family” like this, White man and woman!


White pride (Large)

Have dignity and pride in your White heritage, culture, genes and race!

white lives matter

Just Pop ’em In the Oven


In this era of convenience we really should encourage our young White girls & boys to become more familiar with the ‘OVEN’.


easy bake oven

Who knows when the jew will collapse the system most of us goy are enslaved within! Therefore, we need to teach our White children to be self sufficient for an uncertain future!




I’m sure the jew has huge reserves of sweet deli meats and matzo crackers made from the flesh and blood of dead White women sex slaves from eastern Europe and decades worth of foreskins from circumcised baby boys preserved and aged for years in their kosher shops, slaughter warehouses and butcher shops and are at the ready for every hungry jew stomach in case of an emergency or a collapse!


jew foreskins

Yes, folks… Preparation is key!

You don’t want to be an irresponsible White parent who lets your goyim children starve to death do you?


So teach your children the art of ‘OVEN’ baking, roasting, broiling & even cooking over a ‘GAS’ fire! You never know when they may need these useful survival skills!


oven ready 2


feed me jews

It’s as easy as 1… 2… 3… As they learn to just pop ’em in the ‘OVEN’!


hitler eliminated all the juice