Make America White Again #MAWA


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I am a Separatist

I  do not want to harm ANYONE, I simply demand that we have the freedom to live amongst our own kind! I would love to see jews, niggroids and every other race (well jews are not a race… they’re mixed race) to thrive in their own lands. It is odd to me how these non-Whites hate us and insist we ‘oppress them,” but for some reason INSIST on being around us!


Whenever non-Whites are brought into our once beautiful White Aryan countries, they rapidly decay before our eyes. this is FACT!

So why do we you allow the parasite international jew to do this to us?




de Hewitt House of Radio – Spirit of The Aryan: Episodes I, II & III (Sledge, deHewitt)

de Hewitt House of Radio

Spirit of The Aryan: EPISODE I

Mike Sledge Is Back!

William de Hewitt and Mike Sledge talk about Christinsanity, parasite JEWS and other problems they cause the White Aryan Race. Other topics include our new radio network we’re starting in the near future, Aryan Spirituality, South Africa and much, much more. Be here or be nowhere!

Spirit of The Aryan: EPISODE II

The Lord of the Lords

Mike Sledge and William de Hewitt discus some groundbreaking topics. Listen and learn what’s so important. Be here or be nowhere!

#Jews #Mike Sledge #William de Hewitt #House of El #Kehillah #Circle of 12 #Council of 300 #de Hewitt House of Radio #de Hewitt House of Publications #Fallen Angels #Fallen Aryans #Elohim

Opening Song: Joy Division “Day of the Lords”

Spirit of The Aryan: EPISODE III

Jewed By Jude

Mike Sledge and William de Hewitt talk about the controlled opposition alt-right organized by jews, the Clinton crime family, international world jewry and much, much more. Be here or be nowhere!

Opening Song: The Unband “Pink Slip”

All 3 Abrahamic Religions is Cube Worship

I’ll bet you didn’t know that all 3 Abrahamic religions is Cube worship?

saturn north pole Amazing-High-Res-animation-of-Saturn_s-mysterious-Hexagon-1

1. Star of David represents the above gif. (Saturn’s North Pole is a cube with a never ending hexagon hurricane going around it) Notice the hexagon. A hexagon is the jew star of david and is also a cube.

2.Muslims worship and walk around a black cube, which actually mimics the hexagon hurricane around Saturn’s North Pole. 

fold a cross.JPG

3. Fold up a cross with jewsus on it and you have a jew in a box.  Jewsus in the box is a Jack in the Box. Yep! Just like the Jack in the Box you had as a child. Turn the lever and out POPS Jewsus!


The joke’s on you, Goyim!


hexagon star of david crystal

Aren’t you sick and tired of jews mocking you yet?

Jew As I Say, Not As I Jew

 Yeah… I will not be doing what jew Burns tells me to do this year, next year or any year nor should you.


I most certainly do not owe jew anything.

Evidently these parasites are taught to rub their greedy little hands at a very young age in preparation for a long life of screwing over the Goyim.

Oy Gevalt!


I don’t believe in cohencidences.

As the saying goes, Goyim, when dealing with Mossad and the AshkeNazi there is no such thing as a cohencidence. Don’t be naive and become their next victim.

Oh! And never forget…

There is Noah business like there is Shoah business and business is good thanks to gullible Goy.

So… don’t be a gullible Goy nor do what jews tell you to do and you won’t become jew’s next victim. Comprende?

oven ready 2

So, until next Shabbot…

Merry Yuletide, Folks 🙂

Enjoy your family, nature and for goodness sake, enjoy yourself for a change.

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