All 3 Abrahamic Religions is Cube Worship

I’ll bet you didn’t know that all 3 Abrahamic religions is Cube worship?

saturn north pole Amazing-High-Res-animation-of-Saturn_s-mysterious-Hexagon-1

1. Star of David represents the above gif. (Saturn’s North Pole is a cube with a never ending hexagon hurricane going around it) Notice the hexagon. A hexagon is the jew star of david and is also a cube.

2.Muslims worship and walk around a black cube, which actually mimics the hexagon hurricane around Saturn’s North Pole. 

fold a cross.JPG

3. Fold up a cross with jewsus on it and you have a jew in a box.  Jewsus in the box is a Jack in the Box. Yep! Just like the Jack in the Box you had as a child. Turn the lever and out POPS Jewsus!


The joke’s on you…

OY VEY, little goyim!


Aren’t you sick and tired of jews mocking you yet?

100 percent jew criminals.jpg



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