Jew As I Say, Not As I Jew

 Yeah… I will not be doing what jew Burns tells me to do this year, next year or any year nor should you.


I most certainly do not owe jew anything.

Evidently these parasites are taught to rub their greedy little hands at a very young age in preparation for a long life of screwing over the Goyim.

Oy Gevalt!


I don’t believe in cohencidences.

As the saying goes, Goyim, when dealing with Mossad and the AshkeNazi there is no such thing as a cohencidence. Don’t be naive and become their next victim.

Oh! And never forget…

There is Noah business like there is Shoah business and business is good thanks to gullible Goy.

So… don’t be a gullible Goy nor do what jews tell you to do and you won’t become jew’s next victim. Comprende?

oven ready 2

So, until next Shabbot…

Merry Yuletide, Folks 🙂

Enjoy your family, nature and for goodness sake, enjoy yourself for a change.

feed me jews




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