Vote With A Bullet

“Make America Great” and White again?

.Is this how Trump plans to  “Make America Great”? By surrounding himself with jews?
And who cares if he does build that beaner wall, there are already millions of beaners in America! In my estimation, Trump wants to build the beaner wall to keep us and them in the country, trapped in a police state as Goyim slaves. How perfect, considering there is a race war being instigated by jews.

If Trump would deport all illegals and jews already here and then build a wall maybe I could support him. Unfortunately this will never happen.


When oh when will there be a candidate who represents my views and my White kin and folk? All of the candidates are shite!

Bernie Sanders

Bernie is openly a communist jew.


Trump or Hillary… Hillary or Trump?

They both will destroy America. It might take Trump a little longer to destroy the country due to his civic nationalist, not racial nationalist views rather than all out communism like Hillary and Bernie.

Vote like Corrosion of Conformity!

vote with a bullet (Large)

It is our DUTY to dismantle a tyrannical and unlawful Kehillah and jew run corporate government which rules over us today!

The Declaration of Independence gives WE THE PEOPLE that Right


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