Why Can’t People See The BIG Jew Picture?

jews pose as muslim terrorists (Large)

Jews Dressed As Arab Terrorists…

Why can’t people see THE BIG JEW picture?
Turkey, Russia & ISIS and this oil debacle is nothing more than greasy jews fighting over oil resources in lands jews desire to turn into greater israel, using Turkey, Russia & ISIS as proxies to keep you goy from realizing it is the jew raping the world yet again.


israel isis oil debacle

The media whores will ALWAYS blame proxies like ISIS, Arabs, Turks, Chinese, Russians or even Americans & will NEVER blame the jew whom either poses as and/or uses the useful idiots from ISIS or some other proxy army who may be Arab, Turk, Chinese, Russian, American or who ever the jew chooses to use as a proxy to serve their purpose.


jew-arab same


Always has been! Always will be!


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